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Planning/Preliminary Design

Project Research - Codes/Ordinances/Laws

Concept Development

Schematic Design

Design Development

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Construction Administration

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Design is a process that begins and ends with the needs of our clients. We approach each design with a clean page. Each project presents us with a new vision and a unique set of circumstances. Our designs reflect the ideas and needs of our clients with innovative solutions that withstand the test of time. We can begin early in a project developing feasibility studies and site evaluations or assisting in the planning process. We can utilize study models, renderings and freehand sketches to help describe the architectural solution. We use AutoCAD and Architectural Desktop to produce working drawings and multiple three-dimensional views. Our goal is to convey your vision into a buildable design to meet your needs.

Planning / Preliminary Design
During due diligence period or just after purchasing a parcel of land, the Preliminary Planning Phase provides the Owner a quick insight of the siteís potential for development and usability based on current land-use and zoning codes. Part of the Project Research Phase would be included during the Planning Phase.

Project Research - Codes/Ordinances/Laws
Numerous codes, ordinances and laws will apply to any specific project. It is important to establish which specific codes apply and to understand their impact on design options and construction materials and cost as early in the project process as possible. During the construction document and construction phase, it is important to incorporate these requirements in the documents and the finished building.

Concept Development
Concept Development is intended to establish building relationships with the site and space relationships within the building. This phase can be an intense period of Client involvement whereby the Client gives input on the "design". Critical building and site relationships are established during this Phase while the actually designing of the building and space commences during the schematic phase.

Schematic Design (SD)
Schematic Design is the "Preliminary Design" effort to establish the Owner requirements for the project, and to define these requirements so that the Owner and Project Team clearly understand the scope and limitation of the services.

Design Development (DD)
The Design Development Phase is the "Design Freeze" effort to research and develop the Schematic Design studies to the point of proving compatibility of all systems incorporated in the project. The intent is that final contract documents be developed from the Design Development documents. This phase is also the graphic and written representation of the design character.

Construction Documents (DD)
The Construction Document Phase is the design effort to prepare final contract drawings and specifications necessary to advertise for bids and/or construct the project. Final documents should evolve smoothly from the information provided in the Design Development documents.

Bidding / Negotiation (BN)
The bidding period is a time when the selected qualified contractors provide a construction cost/bid based on the Construction Documents and the selected delivery method and project schedule. Once submitted, the bids are then reviewed and negotiated for final selection. In Design/Build delivery method, this phase happens simultaneously with the Construction Documents Phase and refined after the initia construction estimate is complete. 

Construction Administration (CA)
The Principal-In-Charge will be involved during the Construction Administration; the firmís Project Representative (a member of the design team) will take the lead during construction. The Project Representative will conduct periodic (observation) reviews, review shop drawings/submittals, and meet with the Contractor. Frequency of site observations is outlined in the Agreement.

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